Visiting A Dermatologist for Acne Treatment


Acne is a skin condition that is extremely common among teenagers. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 75 percent of teenagers suffer from acne. It occurs when the tiny pores in the skin become clogged. Acne has a tendency to run in families. Additionally, hormonal changes, the use of oily cosmetics and certain medications can cause a person to develop acne.
In many cases, acne can be treated with over-the-counter products and home remedies. However, people whose acne does not get better with home treatment should consult with a dermatologist.
A dermatologist is a medical doctor who has received extra training in skin care and treatment. A dermatologist will typically prescribe a medication to help treat the acne. Oral and topical antibiotics have been shown to be very effective at treating acne. The doctor may also prescribe a topical gel or cream.
In some cases, the dermatologist will recommend birth control pills to females who suffer from acne. Birth control pills can help clear up acne, but they may also worsen this condition in some cases. Most patients will require prolonged treatment for acne. The good news is that acne usually goes away after the teenage years. However, this condition can potentially last into middle age.

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