Ways to Reduce Facial Redness

If your face easily turns red due to conditions like rosacea or sunburn, there are a few practical ways to balance your complexion and reduce redness. Here are some tips that will improve your skin.

1. Take a zinc supplement. Zinc can reduce skin redness and irritation from sunburn. You can also get zinc from foods like toasted wheat germ, roasted pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate and peanuts. 

2. Use hypo-allergenic skin creams and makeup. Make sure your foundation and facial wash doesn’t contain ingredients like parabens or benzoates, as these can cause an allergic reaction on your skin. Toners, cleansers and makeup with green tea, cucumber or vitamin C prevent flushing.

3. Moisturize your skin before going outdoors. Choose a sunblock that contains aloe and vitamin E to keep your skin hydrated. Cover your face with a scarf or hat when you’re in the sun, and wear sunglasses to protect the top part of your face from the sun.

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