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Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of fighting the losing battle against unwanted hair? Are you constantly shaving, waxing, or plucking? Would you like something that is more promising? Laser hair removal may be your best bet. This procedure has many benefits, one of which is permanent results.


What is GentleLase Hair Removal?

The latest Candela laser technology is known as the GentleLase lasing process. This is a fast, safe, and effective treatment for removing unwanted hair. This process is safe for both men and women. This treatment process is different than other methods because it does not require creams, gels, or needles. This process simply uses the gentle power of laser light.


How It Works

The GentleLase system emits a beam of light which passes through the skin and goes right to the hair follicle, where it is then absorbed. The energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the unwanted hair follicle. This is all done without effecting the surrounding skin. This is because the skin is protected by a dynamic cooling device. This device sprays cryogen onto the skin, which cools the upper layers and also provides the patients with a comfortable feeling. This process is fast and easy and is completely safe. Facial and bikini areas can be completed within ten minutes, but backs, legs, and other larger areas will take longer.


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

It is possible to say goodbye to unwanted hair forever. Statistics have shown that 60-95% of the targeted hair during laser treatment will permanently be gone. This goal can be a reality after only 6 months of treatment. Imagine how great it will feel to not have to deal with unwanted hair ever again! If you undergo a laser treatment then you are saving yourself time and money. If you consider how much money you spend a year on hair removal products (such as wax, lotions, and razors) then it will not take long to realize how much money you will save if you never have to buy those products ever again. Also consider how much time you spend everyday removing hair. That time is now free for you to enjoy your day. Another benefit of laser hair removal is that it is an effective treatment for ingrown hairs. Say goodbye to red bumps and irritated skin.Compared to other methods of hair removal, laser treatment is virtually painless. Some patients do take pain medication due to mild discomfort, but it is not bad when compared to other methods.


Finding the Right Doctor

At Sarasota Skin and Cancer Center, you will find a specialized team that is committed to meeting the individual's needs for dermatological care. The physicians are committed to listening and understanding what the patient needs and wants. They will walk you through the best treatment plan for you and will follow up to make sure you are completely satisfied.


Laser hair removal may be the best thing for you if you are tired of the annoying hair that just keeps coming back. You are sure to enjoy the many benefits of permanently removing the hair. .